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Trips after Russel

Jeanne & Melvin asked me in April, 2011 on a Trip to Yosemite which Was Spectacular


And I went to New York in 2011 & 2012

Where I considered buying a place in the Dakota (a broom closet, literally, recently sold for $40,000

In Rhode Island, I stayed in an 18th century inn.  The original owner had been one of George Washington's generals & Rhode Island's

first representative to the U.S. House of Representatives. I was the only guest and the place is for sale for $500,000.

I stayed in the General's bedroom which is reputed to be visited by Indian ghosts. I didn't site any.

On Cape Cod, I visited Howard Sreifford's Church

and the church's graveyard.

Closer to home in Mill Valley, (3 miles by air, 15 miles by road), Jeanne, Melvin and I climbed to the top of Mt. Tamalpais

Mountain Man Smith & Sister Jeanne

Holly Baggett came to Mill Valley to help me drive back to Springfield MO and also did Mount Tam, the ferry to SF, Stinson Beach. . .

visited with a Springfield refugee living in San Francisco and found a Palo Alto home to buy (originally owned by Gertrude Stein's brother).

In 2012, I revisited New York, staying at a cheap hotel in Flushing, New York

where I learned some Mandarin Chinese phrases, such as Ni Hui Shai EU Ma (my transliteration of "Do you speak English?"

The usual answers were a negative head shake or "I Japanese." So I must have got it sorta right.

I visited again with Joe and Frank , seen here on their rooftop garden.

Do I look like I fit in?

The 73 Story Apartment Building Next Door

The Shipping Industry

Natives Meeting Tourists


And one of dozens of Building Projects.


And they even tried to sell me their yacht.


Give me your tired, your poor, your

billionaires yearning to breathe free

                                                            Next time, I'll  stay at the Plaza,

But I did go to a couple of museums

At the Met I found a Roman matron just out of the shower checking her cellphone

and met the children

as well as the ladies

and spoke with Benjamin Franklin who was keeping his eyes on the ladies.

But then it was good to be back home in Springfield to greet the dawn

Carpe Diem








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