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Chronology of RRW

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1930     Born July 11 in Durant OK; moved in August to Cassville, MO


1931     Uneventful

1932     Speaks first words " I wanna cookie" and "I'm a dinnercract"

1933-1934      Uneventful

1935      Attended Mabel Ward kindergarten


1936     Sister Patti born; moved to Rogers AK ; first from 1936--197 to 900 West Walnut St.
and then from 1937 to 1942 to 621 South Fourth St

1937    Met A. J. Wyatt

1938    Met Maurice Edwards

1939    Met Edwin Jackson

1940    Met the Prices


1941    Met Lacey McDowell

1942     Moved to Oak Grove, Neosho MO; subsequently lived at 104 Spring Hill, Neosho, MO from 1942-1951

1943    Met Lon McAllister; worked at Neosho U.S.O.

1944    Given first job as usher at the Orpheum Theatre, Neosho MO


1945     Met Dean Mace

1946     Editor of Neosho High School newspaper

1947    Graduated from Neosho High School; Began DruryCollege; lived at Drury College dormitories


1948    Met

1949    Taught at Granby High School; lived at house at 211 E. 5th St., Granby, Missouri

1950    Assigned student teaching at Pipkin Junior High School, Springfield MO


1951      Graduated from Drury College; attended Fall term State University of Iowa, Iowa City IA

1952      Taught Spring term at Miller High School MO; Taught '52-'53 school year at Riverton High School, KS; Live in Riverton apartment; attended Kansas State University; Correspondence with James A. Farley; attended 1952 Democratic National Convention

1953      Awarded M.A. from Kansas State University;  began teaching Fall term at Hutchinson High School, KS (through Spring 1955); met John Boaz; Also met Don Coyne, Bob Dick, Eldon Lanning, Lived at 1211 North Main, Hutchinson

1954     Coached Hutchinson debate team to second in Kansas


1955          Began doctoral study at Northwestern University; dormitory counselor at Bobb Hall;  Served as Staff Member (Research and Speech Preparation), Adlai E. Stevenson Presidential Campaign (through 1956)

1956      Published "Public Address in the Career of Adlai E. Stevenson," Quarterly Journal of Speech, 42 (October), 220-235 and "Adlai E. Stevenson: Spokesman for a New Politics," Look Magazine, October 14, pp. 45-54

1957      Lived at 904 Hinman Ave. Evanston, IL with John Boaz (1957-1958) and at 1818A Hinman Ave. Evanston, IL. with John Boaz and Ken Sole (1958-1959)

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1958      Coached debate team that won national championship; Published "The Judging of Debates," The Gavel (March) 9-15

1959       Coached debate team that again won national championship; published "The Northwestern Tournaments," The Gavel (March)  2-9; awarded doctorate from Northwestern University


1960      Published "The Presidential Campaign of 1960: The Republican Convention," Quarterly Journal of Speech, 46 (October), 249-56, "The Stevenson Speech Staff in the 1956 Campaign," Quarterly Journal of Speech, 46 (February), 32-45, and "Symposium on Debate and Discussion: Competitive Debating: The Speech Program, the Individual and Society," Speech Teacher, 9 (March), 99-108;  appointed post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University; served as supply preacher at Greenfield Presbyterian Church; appointed Associate Professor at San Francisco State College; met Ray Kelch, Al Jensen, Mike Schramm, Roger Hilliard, Marleen Todt; lived on Westgate Drive


1961  Published "Contest for the Nominations" in The 1960 Campaign: A Rhetorical Study. New York: Speech Association of America. pp. 58-79, "A Study of Effective and Ineffective Campaign Speaking," Speech Monographs, 28 (February) 38-51, and Championship Debating. With A. Kruger. Portland ME: Walch; met Ralph Smith; became Director of Debate; met John Vega

1962  Moved to 608 Garfield, San Francisco CA     

1963  Appointed Associate Professor at Redlands University; moved to 1809 12th Street, Riverside CA; met Bob Click & Gordon Orme, Doyce Nunis & Peter Mauk, Peter Caswell


1964  Appointed Associate Professor at Queens College, City University of New York; published Guide to Debate. With R. O'Neil. Portland ME: Walch; appointed Consulting Editor in Speech Communication for the Bobbs-Merrill Company (through 1982); lived at Kip's Bay Plaza, New York  NY; met Bob King, Don Lovell, Martin Nozick, Sidney Axelrod

1965  Published "Argumentation and Advocacy," in Handbook of English. Philadelphia: Archabbey Press; elected Chair of the Department of Communication Arts & Science; promoted to Professor, Appointed Adjuct Professor of Communications (1965-1980); moved to 400 Central Park West NY NY; rented weekend home at 23 Major Arnold Road, Narragansett RI

1966  Granted tenure;  published Argumentation and Advocacy with A. Hastings (New York: Random House); Elected to Legislative Assembly, National Communication Association 1966-1970, 1976-1980; 1983-1987


1967     Published Championship Debating II. With A. Kruger. Portland: Walch; purchased weekend home at 21 Major Arnold Road, Narragansett RI

1968    Elected Member and Chair of Issues and Policies Division, The New Orleans Conference on Research, Instruction and Directions in Speech Communication, sponsored jointly by the U.S. Office of Education and the Speech Association of America, 1968; Appointed to Administrative Committee, NCA 1968-1970, 1976-1978

1969      Appointed Visiting Professor (1969-1970) at United States International University, San Diego CA; lived at 2222 Bahia Drive, La Jolla and at the Point Loma Tennis Club; Elected delegate to NCA Constitutional Convention

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1970    Published "Issues and Responsibilities in Speech Communication," in Conceptual Frontiers in Speech Communication. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall; Lived at 58 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn Heights NY NY; met Jean Sinclair

1971  Lived at 412 East 55th Street NYC (through 1982)




1974    Puchased home on Alewife Cove CT

1975    Published "The Innovational Movement: A Rhetorical Theory." With R. Smith. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 61 (April). 140-53; appointed to Publication Board of National Communication Association (through 1980), Chair, 1979-1980; purchased 8975 Caminito Verano, La Jolla CA



1976    Published "The Rhetoric of Mobilization: Implications for the Study of Movements," Southern Speech Communication Journal, 42 (Fall), 1-19; purchased 8975 Caminito Orense Oeste (own through 1977)

1977    Purchased 31002 Ariana Lane, Laguna Niguel CA (own through 1979)

1978    Published "Collective Action and the Single Text." With R. Smith. Southern Speech Communication Journal, 43 (Winter). 110-28; purchased 3204 Caminito Ameca, La Jolla CA (own through 1980)



1980    Purchased 4201 Newport, San Diego CA (own through 1983); purchased houses in Neosho MO (Circle Drive [1980-1981], Bond Street [1081-1982], Highland Place [1983-1984]


1982    Lived at 21 Valley Circle, Fairfield CT (through 1983)

1983    Purchased 3747 Keating Street, San Diego (through 1984)


1984   Purchased 3430 Carleton Street, San Diego CA (through 1985);

1985    Retired from City University of New York; appointed Visiting Professor at Southwest Missouri State University; purchased 3750 Narragansett, San Diego CA (through 1987)

1986    Purchased 848 South Kickapoo

1987    Purchased 8035 Caminito Gianna, La Jolla CA (through 1988)

1988    Re-purchase 4201 Newport Avenue, San Diego CA (through 1989)

1989    Appointed professor and Director of Doctoral Studies in Leadership & Human Behavior (1989-1995) at United States International University; lived at 1150 Anchorage Lane, San Diego CA.

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1990    Purchased 2420 Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla CA (through 1991); purchased 900 East Linwood Drive, Springfield MO (through 1994).

1991    Purchased units at 1150 Anchorage Lane, San Diego CA (through 1992)


1993    Published "Symbolic Convergence and Abolitionism: A Reinterpretation. With R. Smith.Southern Communication Journal, 59, 45-59. Purchased 3219 Fenelon Street, San Diego CA (through 1995)





1995    Published "The Interpretation of Abolitionist Rhetoric: Historiography, Rhetorical Method, and History." With R. Smith. Southern Communication Journal, 60, 303-311; purchased 1804 Falcon Ridge Drive, Petaluma CA (through 1996); purchased 2718 South Edgewater Drive, Springfield MO.

1996   Purchased 1111 Bay Street, San Francisco CA (through 1998)


1997    Published "The Progay and Antigay Issue Culture: Interpretation, Influence and Dissent." With R. Smith. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 83, 28-48.

1998    Purchased 666 Upas Street #505, San Diego CA (through 1999)

1999    Published "Identity in Political Context: Lesbian/Gay Representation in the Public Sphere." With R. Smith. Journal of Homosexuality, 37, 25-45; purchased 819  South Kickapoo, Springfield MO (through 2002)

2000    Published Progay/Antigay: The Rhetorical War over Sexuality. With R. Smith (Thousand Oaks: Sage); purchased Caminito Sonoma, La Jolla CA.




2002    Purchased 3313 Caminito Gandara, La Jolla CA; purchased 2803 Imperial Circle, Springfield MO (through 2003)

2003    Lived at 1530 East Erie Street, Springfield MO (through 2006)

2004    Registered as California Domestic Partners



2007   Published Civil Rights Movements and Queer Identities: Complexities of the Collective Subject," in Queering Public Address. Ed. Charles E. Morris. Columbia SC: University of South Carolina Press. 45-73; lived at ParkMerced (Arballo Drive and Gonzalez Drive), San Francisco CA (through 2008).

2008    Married at San Francisco CA on June 18; live at 150 Seminary Drive, Mill Valley CA






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