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Chronology of RRS

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1944    Born Modesto California on January 3; lived on El Cajon Avenue

1945    Uneventful


1946    Moved to ranch on American Avenue, Modesto CA (through 1960)

1947    Uneventful           


1948       Uneventful

1949   Contracted rheumatic; missed first grade


1950    Began Stanislaus Elementary School, Modesto CA

1951-1956      Uneventful


1957   Graduated from Stanislaus Elementary School; began Downey High School, Modesto CA 

1958-1959     Became debater        


1960    Moved to San Jose; lived on Forman Avenue; attended Camden High School 

1961    Graduated from Camden High School, San Jose CA; began San Francisco State College, San Francisco CA (through 1963); met Russel Windes

1962    Moved to 608 Garfield, San Francisco CA (through 1963)


1963    Began University of California, Los Angeles (through 1965); moved to 1809 12th Street, Riverside CA

1964    Lived at 10656 1/2 Wilshire Blvd., Beverly Hills, CA 

1965    Graduated cum laude frrom University of California, Los Angeles; began graduate program in history, Columbia University, New York NY; lived at Kip's Bay Plaza, New York NY; moved to 400 Central Park West NYC; rented weekend home at 23 Major Arnold Road, Narragansett RI


1966    Appointed Instructor, Queens College, City University of New York (through 1969); purchased weekend home at 21 Major Arnold Road, Narragansett RI


1968   Awarded Master's degree, Columbia University; appointed Research Associate, Center for Research and Education in American Liberties, Columbia University


1969    Began doctoral program in history, University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA; appointed graduate teaching assistant (through 1970); lived at 2222 Bahia Drive, La Jolla CA, at the Point Loma Tennis Club, and at 2312 1/2 Scarff Street. Los Angeles CA

1970    Appointed lecturer in communication studies, Lehman College, City University of New York (through 1978); lived at 58 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn Heights NY; met Jean Sinclair

1971    Published Nonverbal Communication. With A. Eisenberg. Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill; lived at 412 East 55th Street NYC (through 1982)


1973    Received doctorate in history from University of Southern California; appointed Assistant Professor at Lehman College, CUNY


1974    Purchased home on Alewife Cove CT

1975    Published "The Innovational Movement: A Rhetorical Theory." With R. Windes. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 61 (April) 140-153; purchased 8975 Caminito Verano, La Jolla CA (owned through 1976)

1976    Published "The Rhetoric of Mobilization: Implications for the Study of Movements." With R. Windes. Southern Speech Communication Journal, 42 (Fall) 1-19; purchased 8975 Caminito Orense Oeste (own through 1977)

1977    Purchased 31002 Ariana Lane, Laguna Niguel CA (through 1979)



1978    Published "Collective Action and the Single Text." With R. Windes. Southern Speech Communication Journal, 43 (Winter, 1978), 110-128; purchased 3204 Caminito Ameca, La Jolla CA (own through 1980)

1979    Appointed Assistant Professor, Dartmouth College (through 1981); lived at West Wheelock Street, Hanover NH

1980    Published "The Historical Criticism of Social Movements." Central States Speech Journal, 31 (Winter). 290-297; purchased 4201 Newport, San Diego CA (through 1983); purchased houses in Neosho MO (Circle Drive [1980-1981] Bond Street [1981-1982], Highland Place [1983-1984]


1982    Lived at 21 Valley Circle, Fairfield CT (through 1983)


1983    Purchased 3747 Keating Street, San Diego (through 1984)

1984    Appointed Associate Professor, Southwest Missouri State University; appointed Director of Basic Courses  (through 1969); purchased 3430 Carleton Street, San Diego CA (through 1985)

1985    Purchased 3750 Narragansett, San Diego CA (through 1987)

1986    Purchased 848 South Kickapoo


1987    Purchased 8035 Caminito Gianna, La Jolla CA (through 1988)

1988    Re-purchased 4201 Newport Avenue, San Diego CA (through 1989)


1989    Lived at 1150 Anchorage Lane, San Diego CA

1990    Published The Believable Organization. Co-edited and written with H. Jackson and D. Dollar. Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt; purchased 2420 Torrey Pines Road, La Jolla CA (through 1991); purchased 900 East Linwood Drive, Springfield MO (through 1994)

1991    Began extensive participation in effort to include "sexual orientation in Southwest Missouri State University's nondiscrimination policy which succeeded in 2006; purchased units at 1150 Anchorage Lane, San Diego CA (through 1992)

1992    Published "The Social Gospel of the People's Temple: Jim Jones and the Rhetoric of Cultic Suicide." With R. Stengel. STAM [Speech and Theatre Association of Missouri] Journal, 22 (1992) 47-57.


1993    Published "Symbolic Convergence and Abolitionism: A Reinterpretation," With R. Windes. Southern Communication Journal, 59 (1993), 45-59; purchased 3219 Fenelon Street, San Diego CA (through 1995)


1995    Published "The Interpretation of Abolitionist Rhetoric: Historiography, Rhetorical Method, and History." With R. Windes. Southern Communication Journal, 60 (1995), 303-311.1996; purchased 1804 Falcon Ridge Drive, Petaluma CA (through 1996); purchased 2718 South Edgewater Drive, Springfield MO

1997    Published "Anti-Gay Advocacy in Referendum Campaign Debates," in Stephanie Witt & Suzanne McCorkle, eds. Anti-Gay Rights: Assessing Voter Initiatives. Westport: Praeger. 95-106 and "The Progay and Antigay Issue Culture: Interpretation, Influence and Dissent.” With R. Windes. Quarterly Journal of Speech, 83 . 28-48;


1998    Won University Service Award, Southwest Missouri State University, 1998; purchased 666 Upas Street #505, San Diego CA (through 1999)

1999   Published “Identity in Political Context: Lesbian/Gay Representation in the Public Sphere.” With R. Windes. Journal of Homosexuality 37. 25-45; purchased 819  South Kickapoo, Springfield MO (through 2002)

2000    Published Progay/Antigay: The Rhetorical War over Sexuality. With R. Windes. Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications; purchased and sold Caminito Sonoma, La Jolla CA



2002   Received Randy Majors Award, Caucus on Gay & Lesbian Concerns, National Communication Association; participated in founding the Ozarks Lesbian & Gay Archive in Meyer Library, Missouri State University; purchased 3313 Caminito Gandara, La Jolla CA; purchased 2803 Imperial Circle, Springfield MO (through 2003)

2003   Published  “Queer Theory, Gay Movements, and Political Communication.”  Gust A. Yep, Karen E. Lovaas, & John P. Elia, eds. Queer Theory and Communication. New York: Harrington Park Press. 345-348; lived at 1530 East Erie Street, Springfield MO (through 2006)

2004    Registered as California Domestic Partners




2007   Appointed Emeritus Professor, Missouri State University; published  “Representions of Queer Identity and American Politics.” Charles E. Morris, ed. Queering Public Address.  With R. Windes. Columbia SC: University of South Carolina Press; lived at ParkMerced (Arballo Drive and Gonzalez Drive), San Francisco CA (through 2008).

2008    Married at San Francisco CA on June 18; Live at 150 Seminary Drive, Mill Valley CA






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