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Friends Through Higher Education


Virgil Anderson


RRW, Bob Nye, Virgil Anderson, Carroll Mace


RRW, Betty Lindhorst, Bob Nye


Mike Hubbard

Mike Hubbard

Doyle McKinney



RRW, Dean Mace

Carroll Mace

Carroll Mace, Patty Windes

Roy Johnson, RRW

Paul Hunter


Lloyd Darnell

Dell Knauer

Richard Tink


Don Coyne

Bob Dick

John Boaz




RRW & Dennis Hunt

Dennis Hunt


Dennis Hunt

Lee, Huebner, Dennis Hunt, UNK, John Roberts



Bish Anderson & Arthur Hastings

Arthur Hastings & John Boaz


RRS & Arthur Hastings

Celebrating Arthur Hastings’ 50 Years of Teaching

The Alumni Association will honor Arthur with a special gift on behalf of all ITP Alumni.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Arthur Hastings, Ph.D. began teaching communications and debate at Northwestern University in the 1957-58 academic year. Over the years, he has taught at Stanford University, the University of Nevada, UC Santa Barbara, and John F. Kennedy University. Arthur’s first class at ITP was "Psychology of Dreams," offered in ITP’s first quarter in 1975. For Arthur, teaching is a spiritual practice.

He has conducted research on remote viewing, hypnosis, dreams, stress, and bereavement. Arthur is the author of With the Tongues of Men and Angels: A Study of Channeling, co-author of Argumentation and Advocacy, Changing Images of Man, and senior editor of Health for the Whole Person, an award winning book on holistic medicine. He is the book review editor of the Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. Arthur's recent publications include articles on transpersonal theory, scientists' resistance to belief, and a diversity bibliography. He also published an article on the evocation of non-drug altered states through hypnosis.


Sally (Thurnau) Egler, Harry Wappler, Dick Kirshberg

Sally (Thurnau) Egler, Max Nathan


^Sally (Thurnau) Egler & son, 1969>


Sally (Thurnau) Egler and son

Sally (Thurnau) & David Egler


Hal Warren






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