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Ralph Ruggles Smith, Jr. Family note

Paternal Great Grandparents

Annie (Scobee) Smith's Mother*

Elizabeth (Hayward) Scobee Ruggles c 1870-1874

Annie (Scobee) Smith's Father*

James B. Scobee c 1870-1874

Annie's Mother & Stepfather*

Elizabeth & Alexander Ruggles


Paternal Grandmother Annie (Scobee) Smith, 1873-1944*



Great Grandfather Smith*

John Needham Smith, 1919

Great Grandmother Smith*

Emma (Blech) Smith, 1919

Paternal Grandfather with parents & Siblings, Hollywood CA, 1908*

William Edward Smith, 1875-1961

WES, 1895*

WES, 1908*


Paternal Grandparents

Annie & William Smith, c 1920*


William & Annie Smith Family

Ralph Ruggles Smith, Sr., 1910- 1995

Ruth Allene Marks, Jeanette Rhodes & Brother Jim


Grandmother Rhodes

Ruth & Grandmother Marks



Jim Marks, Grandmother Marks, Ruth

Jim & Ruth Marks

Jim & Ruth Marks


Ruth Allene (Marks) Smith, 1912-1996

Ralph & Ruth Smith

Jeanne (Smith) Nelson & Family

RRS & RRW with Family






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