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And a six thousand mile celebration of Russel's Life

Summer 2011

Begining with Sunrise over Tiburon CA

A Visit in San Diego With Dianne Reichard Pictured Here Earlier with Russel

And With Lynne Ward (Pictured Much Earlier With Russel)


And a Meditation at La Jolla Shores, Russel's Favorite Place on Earth

And after Lunch with Bob & Brenda Dick in Flagstaff

Friends in Springfield, MO

A Quick Visit to New York Where We Lived Many Years

A Visit to Agnes Doody's Magnificent Estate and Carriage House

Followed by a Visit with. . .

Howard Streifford (without dog) on Cape Cod

And Finally to the Catskills to Visit. . .

With Joe (Left) & Frank in Their l Humble Cottage

And Thus Endeth the Celebration

And, Except for a Major Party in My New Place In Springfield, MO,

Everything Else Is Driving








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